29 January, 2016

At the Used Book Stall.

Come with me downtown. We'll be looking in my favorite book stall. The one where the paperbacks smell like stale cigarette smoke and/or mildew. I prefer books where the author does not use "and/or" and "he/she." English may be from the gutter, but it will flow if written with style.

Never mind all that. Today we're going to grab Matisse On Art, mostly translated from the French. Why did I add the article: "the?" I'll stick to visual art - this writing stuff has pitfalls.

In years past my blogging style has been to keep things brief. This year, I am shifting gears for some reason. It feels right that this platform become a place for luxuriously long reads and, when they are on topic, videos. I hope you'll stick around for this year of deeper content. This month we are Celebrating Henri Matisse and I have barely scratched the surface. Maybe we'll extend Matisse Month. 

There. I just paid the vendor and now I'm going to walk straight to the waterfront cafe, grab a cup of coffee and read these essays and interviews by and of Henri Matisse.


Art Matters said...

One of the advantages of our online world is that there are no strict word count limits - there's room to expand thoughts and ideas as you are planning to do here. I'm enjoying your exploration of Matisse. The main problem will all this information is that one can disappear down a rabbit hole of discovery and forget to put brush to canvas!

Casey Klahn said...


I like the one I read from Cezanne recently: "If I think, I am lost."

Unknown said...

I like this change! Your prose is excellent.

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