17 January, 2016

Matisse Chapel and Tate Matisse Blog

Simple observations are often the kernel of genius. The rub is, they have to contain the truth. Henri Matisse had the genius of simplicity.

On the subject of simplicity, I keep coming back to what Françoise Gilot says (without wasting a word herself) about Henri Matisse and his work. She revered his objective of "...mounting the color to the extreme."

You can learn much by watching a master just drawing on the wall. Here is a short video of Matisse as he designed the Chapel of the Rosary in Vence, France.

For more resources on Matisse, on the subject of the chapel project and much more, I refer you to the Tate Modern blogs on Matisse.


Angela Taylor said...

Thank you for sharing with us Casey! That was very interesting, I love learning from other artists. I'm always astounded when I am reminded of artist's who have created while bedridden. I don't know who I could relate to best as I seem to go back and forth in needing a model when creating. Do you though? I know before you made many abstract landscapes. Did you create those from nature, or a photograph maybe? I know lately you have been creating more self portraits.Do you think that you may go back to landscapes maybe? Just curious...

Casey Klahn said...

Hi, Angela! I liked when FG compared Matisse and Picasso as far as how Matisse had to paint from life. I do both painting from life and also from imagination. I feel that without looking to nature my stuff gets stale.

That's why I do the figure work - it forces me to observe better and I mean what I am doing on the paper. I have to be critical in harder ways.

I did 2 landscapes this week, I think. I'm probably going to post them to Facebook and Pinterest.

Thanks, as always, for your comments.

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