09 January, 2016

Matisse - Short Bio

Henri Matisse. 1869-1954.

He migrated south within his native France; born in the north, then to Paris in the central part of the country, and finally he settled in the south on the French Riviera. He found color to his liking, and it became his chief tool of expression. M. Henri Matisse bestrode the Modern Era as a titan, and showed the visual world color and line in their pure forms, all the while working from life. 

French painter Henri Matisse (1869 - 1954) in his studio.
May 01, 1913. Credit: Alvin Langdon Coburn.


Henri Matisse - Music. 1910. 260 x 389 cm. / 102.4" x 153." Oil on Canvas.

Henri Matisse - La Mimosa, 1951. Mimosa, 1949–51, a cut-paper maquette for a rug that was realized in 1951.

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