09 February, 2016

Many Works by Matisse - Worth a Look


Micros said...

Hi Casey

I enjoyed the content you so graciously provided on Matisse (as he always has given me inspiration and a sense of belonging).

In my early twenties (many decades ago), I had a studio just a breath away from MOMA, and when I took a break, I would make my way through the museum and sit facing the Matisse works. In a large room, they all hung as to beckon the viewer into a world like no other. . . but historical context is important too. One overlaps the other.

May I suggest this link: http://www.moma.org/interactives/exhibitions/2014/matisse/
if one is not to familiar, this is a another venue.

So, Casey, many thanks for making my day and I hope others become inspired by his works, as well as you have.


Casey Klahn said...

So happy you visit here, Micros. Many thanks.

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