10 June, 2016

My Father Used To Say

Self Portrait in Hell, with Vermilion. 2016. Pastel, Oil, Charcoal & Dry Ground. 12.3" x 10." Casey Klahn.

My father used to say, "well I'll be go to hell!" I hope he was only kidding. For you grammar teachers out there, he did not pause after "well." 

This work favors the inimitable Edvard Munch, who did a self portrait in hell. I'm trying to keep the Expressionist fires going.


William Cook said...

So I guess I'll see you in hell, seeing as how my father, the minister of Christ, cursed me on his deathbed. Of course his brain was Jello at the time, and I was just trying to lighten things up a little with a joke. Jeesh.

Casey Klahn said...

Depends on if he was a Catholic or not. That curse carries weight. It gets less static the lower down the church you go.

Sorry you had that experience, but keep the good sense of humor.

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