04 August, 2016

Dream Workshops!

I have to pinch myself at the prospects of the workshops that are coming up. Croatia! New Mexico! A demo at IAPS! Also, I am in the planning stages for Indiana, Los Angeles, Seattle and New York City. Planning is going out to 2018.

First, let's talk about the beautiful European gem, Croatia, on the Adriatic Sea. Instructors Ellen Eagle, Karen Margulis and others have reported wonderful experiences and I feel we're in for a treat when we go there in June, 2017. 

Croatia and its setting in Europe.

Porec and Villa Gloria, in Istria, are the popular travel spots where we will be for 10 days. Our host is Mario Vukelic, who publishes the blog, Pastel News.

Pastel Workshops in Istria. Aria Workshops.

Porec looks like maybe 40 plus miles from Venice, as the crow flies. Or the dolphin swims. Or - you get the idea.

Remember I mentioned that Georgian artist Karen Margulis just returned from Croatia? Here is her recent post reviewing her workshop and the trip. Warning! If you are on the fence about coming, this will seal your decision. It is a truly beautiful workshop locale, with great accommodations.

A Week in Croatia.

Mario Vukelic and Karen Margulis and her artists in Croatia. Can you say: "Wow?" 


Angela Taylor said...

Love it Casey! It looks like you have alot coming up my friend. Outstanding! New lucky people to learn from your talent. I truly hope that you take photos to share! Looking forward to reading about it. :)

Casey Klahn said...

Good reminder on the photos! I am weak in that dept.

Unknown said...

When do u anticipate being in LA for a wrkshp, in 2017/18?

Casey Klahn said...

Hi, Marge. I took your contact info and will let you know if something happens in SoCal. I do plan a late Spring one in Santa Clara, though.

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