19 November, 2018


19 of 200 figure drawings completed now on week two. Can he make it? 

Since beginning this series, I have adjusted the goal from 100 to 200. The idea is to ingrain the figure into my mind and hand as it once was so many years ago. The difference is, now I am informed by real models and master examples. 

See the progress at Pinterest.

shown on top:

Study for Good Hair and a Russian Bear Hat. 2018. Vine Charcoal on Brown Paper. 24" x 18". Casey Klahn.

shown on bottom: 

Vermillion & Green. After Degas. 2018. Pastel, Dry Ground & Vine Charcoal on Townsend Sanded Paper. 22" x 18". Casey Klahn.


Jean At Home said...

Will he make it? Of course he will make it . . . Love the hair and saw the Degas influence before I saw the title. Your work, as almost always, is terrific. Your new studio is firing your creativity. Wonderful.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks very much, Jean!

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