30 December, 2006

Daddy Daycare and My Year in Review

No doubt you are looking back at the past year's memories. Accomplishments and unfinished goals, failures and also the accolades...all in a busy year!
I've been having some trouble reviewing my year. I don't know how to judge or rate it. Probably I need to get my goal-setting a little more organized, so that I can know "where I've been" by the end of next year.
I have been searching the Internet in vain for some reports about art "top picks" for the year 2006. Purely by accident I read the Time magazine reports regarding top movies, news stories, music of the year, etc. Nothing on art. I guess we have some work to do as art patrons, professionals and artists to inform our society about the enduring and timely value of our art culture.
Many of you know that I'm a stay-at-home daddy; a "Mr. Mom", to my two pre-schoolers. My son is 5 and my daughter 3. My wife and I joke about having "daddy brain", or "mommy brain" when we get so easily befuddled, flummoxed or confused in our home lives.
Yesterday, the family went to Costco to find replacement glasses for my wife, who has lost her everyday pair. Earlier this year, I lost my wallet! I eventually found it in a jacket pocket hanging in the closet, after replacing my new driver's licence and bank cards, of course. Daddy brain.
Anyway, my little daughter made it all the way to Spokane and back, from our farm in rural Lincoln County, with a dry pair of undies. No pull-ups! She's almost potty trained. Why does daddy have a sentimental feeling about no more diapers? How weird is that?
Now, back to whatever it was that I did this year...

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