14 January, 2007

Bump! Originality

Gauguin at His Easel, 1885
Self Portrait

There is a good conversation going on my previous post about originality.
In my "Yellow House" book, on Gauguin and VVG, the author is calling the style of Cezanne the "default" style of Gauguin.


Ed Maskevich said...

Manet was considered the father of modern art and Cezanne was considered the breakthrough person that enabled so many to find their own paths. VVG (or should I say Van GAWK with a gutteral sound) was enamoured with the artist Millet especially in his earlier years. I remember being at an exhibit of VVG's work in SF in the 1970's. An elderly woman kept going on about how she didn't understand why the paintings were considered good. Exasperated, a young man next turn her said, "Lady, that's why he cut his ear off, so he wouldn't have to listen to shit like that!"

Casey Klahn said...

Manet, Millet and Monet, a priest and a rabbi went into a bar...
I do understand the old woman's view. VVG's stuff looks like a cartoon in print, and in person it's confusing to look at.
Cezanne told him to his face that his work was the "work of a madman".
On the other hand, his use of color is earth shaking. His ability to portray what he sets out to say is uncanny.
Thanks for sharing the story, Ed. It's a keeper.

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