13 January, 2007

The Yellow House, Van Gogh and Gauguin

Garden in the Snow, 1885

My book arrived yesterday from Amazon. It is The Yellow House, Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Nine Turbulent weeks in Arles, by Martin Gayford.

It is a funny thing, too. I enjoyed trying to write something original about the artist Bob Dylan, and giving my own opinions achieves that, I think. As a result, I was searching for someone else to write about, this time a visual artist. Van Gogh came to mind, and I had posted these "originality" posts, and here comes my book in the mail. Synchronicity.

The book treats you to every detail of the situation involving a moment and a place in time. An event that informs western art forever. What was their arrangement? What would you find if you turned left out the front door of the yellow house, and went one door? One mile?

What did VVG eat for breakfast? (Coffee, bread and butter)

If this kind of minutia drives you crazy, wait til we get to Van Gogh's unraveling! Don't worry, I shall treat you, dear reader, to just the salient points.

Well, maybe a few trivialities, just for spice.

Here's one I found entertaining. Ever wonder how to pronounce Van Gogh? If you aren't Dutch, just forget it. On that, I was in Italy last year, bumping along a high road with my host, a Dutchman named Lorenzo. Of course, I asked him to pronounce "Van Gogh". Go here to hear it for yourself.

I just poured myself a cup of French press coffee. VVG was addicted to the stuff. Not me, though. I can quit any time I like. I just don't feel like quiting...

Back to my book, now.


ytzhang0210 said...

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Casey Klahn said...

Thank you. What search post or Google words did you use to find me? I am curious about that. Thanks for reading my humble blog.

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying these posts on Van Gogh, Casey. Keep posting!

and go carefully ......!

Anonymous said...


By saying 'go carefully...' I was meaning that a certain blog looks pretty creepy to me. Don't know whether it's just bad English or a Trojan factory!

Better to ignore I think.

Casey Klahn said...

Got it!

jafabrit said...

I liked the link to hear how Van Gogh is pronounced. In England we always, or least in my part of england, we prounounced it Van Goff. (not a soft G)

Casey Klahn said...

Right, I have heard that. We say van (as in "at" or "sat" or "hat") go, with the long "o".
I watched my van go (down the street).
When my Dutch friend pronounced it for me, I just thought, "forget it!"

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