31 January, 2007

Free Wallpaper

Here is a free image to use as wallpaper for your screen. I counted it a "failure" as a completed painting, but my wife put it up in a distorted form on her PC screen, and it just looked awesome to me. It is from a project that I started where I want to make van Gogh inspired images of Italian landscapes. See the initial sketch here.
Since I'm temporarily out of my studio, I gave up on that project for the near term.
A few years ago, a college co-ed told me that she had painted one of my images on her dorm room wall. It should go without saying that we don't take or copy images from artists, but today I am offering this colorful and light hearted Italian street sketch as a thank you for your patronage of my blog.
Preview: tune in soon for my return to the van Gogh thread. The Dutch keener and I will be having a virtual drink at a virtual cafe where I hope to straighten him out a little.


jafabrit said...

this looks cool! I like the distortion, enjoyed looking at the original.
So will you forgive me for using another artist to practice with in my skethcbook ;)

Casey Klahn said...

The highest form of flattery is imitation, Corrine! Ah, a sketchbook. That sounds like a luxury to me. I have been meaning to put together a "go kit" in Conte, pencil and such. Maybe I'll even rev up my 6 stick pastel "go kit", as well.

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