01 February, 2007

Blood On The Keyboards

My fingertips are bleeding on the keyboard. "Damned dry climate, " I mutter to myself, making sure that my grammar is correct even when swearing.
I'm losing a little bit of my grasp on reality these days. In a moment of cognitive dissonance I see myself actually talking with Vincent. Yes, that's right. The famous Vincent van Gogh who never knew his own fame would be so great-never knew that his oil paintings would sell in the tens of millions of dollars at auction.
"Hello," he says in a gruff, heavily accented English. His voice is guttural, as the Dutch language is known to be. The timber of his voice is deep, making him seem far older than he is.
"Good afternoon, Vincent. Cold today, eh?" Says I, shifting on the iron bench.
"Ja! Cold, damned cold. I don't take well to the cold. (coughs) My health prefers the warm, like in the south; in Arles."
"Well, I can't imagine being dead helps that much!" I quip.
We chuckle at the dark joke. We share this black humor, being men of the world and not easily impressed by sentiment. Our breath hangs in the Parisian air.
"At least the cold air is cleaner than the summer air, what?" I offer, trying to be comfortable talking to the legendary artist. It requires some concentration of effort to not let my mind race ahead. I have so much that I would like to ask this tragic man.
Stay posted, dear reader. I will continue to hold forth with VVG in due time.


Anonymous said...

Casey wouldn't that be just great!!!!!??!!! Being able to actually talk with Vincent Van Gogh!!! Ohhhh I think that'd be sooo neat! Anyhoo, I just want to say that I can relate my friend. :)

Casey Klahn said...

Ma chere soeur. don't know what you mean by "wouldn't that be...?"
Of course, I am actually talking to van Gogh!
Stay tuned! Same van Gogh time; same van Gogh channel!

harry bell said...

I envy you your contact with Vincent. I seem to be stuck with Mr Punch and everyone thinks I'm schizophrenic.

Delilah said...


I think maybe you missed your calling.

They say there is at least one good book in all of us.Maybe you have a start on your first book.Illustrate by none other than the great colorist CASEY.

On my flight to Arizona I meant a wonderful interior designer who had written a book and has asked me to illustrate it for her; But how much more fun to illustrate your own book.

jafabrit said...

lol! what a great coversation and post. I will definately stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

:) Will do Casey! Look forward to it!

Casey Klahn said...

Pleased to meet you Mr. Zip. And happy birthday. Remember to look in on my Bob-Fest about Dylan.
Thanks, Delilah. I do feel a book in me, as I can't find satisfaction in these pundits that have been reading.
As ever, Corrine and Angela, thanks for reading.

Robyn Sinclair said...

Ah, now I see why he wrote to say he couldn't be in Tuscany with me after all.

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