12 January, 2007

Hard Life of Van Gogh

There used to be a saying in the USA back in the eighties. It went something like: "It's hard to get happy after (fill in the blanks)".
I read a well put together brief on Vincent van Gogh's life the other day. It's hard to "get happy" after reading the very tragic outline of his last few years, which culminated in his taking of his own life, on July 29th, 1890.
Then, after a while, I look (really look!) at his wonderful colorist art. Then, I am able to see the world-changing legacy that he left us. Intensified color, without losing sight of his subject. Rich, high chroma yellows. Dark, deep blues.
Bravo, Vincent! You changed the art world's use of color more than anyone else in modern times.

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