18 February, 2007

Italian Landscape Sketches

Enjoy these "process" sketches for my van Gogh project. Italian landscape subjects.

I promised to do van Gogh works from life, and to use his subjects. Then, I also set a goal of producing a painting from one of these sketches.
Although I have been drawing outside, I haven't developed these into finished sketches yet. Stay tuned on that. Also, I have never been to Provence, or the low countries, for that matter. But, I recently did travel to Italy, and so these subjects are as close as I get toVG's subjects. Well, actually, my home shares a lot of geophysical likeness to VG's landscapes. The local wine makers remind me of that on every label.
I had wanted to pursue the Portal drawing as a painting, but it seems to reside in the gray scale world for now. It seems to emanate a lot of power for me just as it is. But, the wonderful scene of an old man rounding the corner on the street in front of the bell tower has potential for a painting. Hello, symbolism. Hello, strong yellows.
Anyway, I offer these drawings as an insight into the process of studying van Gogh.
Do visit Making a Mark, today, if you are serious about looking at VG's color compositions. Plan to take some time pursuing the copious links that Katherine Tyrrell (whom I dub the content queen) provides. I hope you're OK with the nickname, Katherine!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful sketches! You should make them into paintings! That would be great Casey!

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Angela. I actually already have painted a few of them, but I'm waiting on the photographer to record them.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing them Casey!

Lisa B. said...

Wonderful sketches. My favorite is the old man and bell tower, too. It looks like it could have come from one of Vincent's sketchbooks.

Robyn Sinclair said...

I wouldn't wait for the paintings - I'd frame the sketches! The looser they get, the more I love them, Casey! Old Man & Bell Tower is going to make a great painting, as will all the others. I wish I could see what's around me with your eyes - I'm going to write out 100 times: I must not be so literal when I sketch.

Casey Klahn said...

HHmmnn...That number 100. Are you reading my mind?
My painting secret project revolves around the number 100.
Stay tuned.

Making A Mark said...

I love the nickname Casey!

Those are nice sketches and I too like the one of the old man rounding the corner - maybe you could use that painting of "The Church at Auvers" (1890) as a base if you wanted to develop it further?

Casey Klahn said...

Right now, the sketch is my desktop background, so I can observe it some more. I attempted it in small format with a deep red under tone. It didn't work, so I'll be looking at doing it with an under painting, instead.
Now, off to see the Auvers church, and thanks for the idea.

Casey Klahn said...

I also want to say that I am struggling with the whole center of interest thing. This sketch seems to threaten to have two.
Will I de-emphasize the tower? Produce two seperate paintings? Forget the rules and just do it with no thought to the all powerful "center of interest" rule?

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