20 February, 2007

The Van Gogh Code

In the interests of taking this van Gogh study to the edge, and nudging it over, we introduce:
The Van Gogh Code !
Why does the van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam continue to deny the existence of any photographic evidence of Vincent van Gogh?
Why, when faced with this study of an uncanny photo does the Dutch institution with the most authority decry what may be evidence of Vg's appearance?
Did he ever really exist at all?
How is it possible for a man of his artistic posterity, with a large immediate family of siblings who were close to him, to escape the all powerful lens of the camera?
What skeletons lie beneath the foundations of this great art institution? While we're at it: what does the Louvre know, and when did they know it?
Don't tell anyone, but I have become privy to secret knowledge which indicates that the whole Vincent van Gogh legend is as phony as the moon landings, the death of Elvis, and (fill in your own pet myth).


Robyn Sinclair said...

Get it published and you'll have electricity in your new studio by the weekend! It certainly looks like him - but how old do you think he looks?

Casey Klahn said...

The age analysis doesn't float with me. I know this picture has been panned for the fellow looking older than VG looked in his early thirties (that is, when he resided in the low countries last).
But, look at Pissaro's drawing that I have ripped and photoshopped so much. he positively looks 50 in that drawing!
In the end, however, I still don't buy the photo as VG. I guess I actually trust the VG Museum people, who tend to be very persnicketty about their science.

Anonymous said...

Great work Casey! I don't think it's the way you made Van Gogh look that is the most interesting. What interest's me is the thought that you and Van Gogh were hanging out (in my imagination) :) That would be sooo kewl!
Keep up the good work my friend! :)

Anonymous said...

I have to admit when I saw the top photo, I got quite a jolt, I'd thought there were no photo's of him and that looked exactly like I'd have imagined him to look :)
I guess I'll stick with you on the not buying it as VG, simply because it's kind of cool to think there's a bit of a mystery about it :D
I've been really enjoying reading your adventures with Vincent! :)

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