21 February, 2007

Paintings Preview and Rollout

Plaza with Red Building
4.5" x 4.75"
Original Pastel
Casey Klahn
100 Paintings - Colorist Italian Landscapes
Framed Size, 10.1" x 10.1"
White Double Mat; Black Wood Frame

Here's a preview of my new project. It is a "Daily Painting" style project, with my own branding and some fresh ideas.
First of all, I bow to the one who I understand is the originator of daily paintings blogs, Duane Keiser. He also invented the 100 paintings and the $100 price point. He recently wrote that he expects repetition of his groundbreaking idea of daily paintings and the blog. He says that he appreciates when artists credit his originality, but he notices when they try to "fit" art into the daily blog format. I see the concern.
To be completely honest, I have been sitting on a big stack or two of custom and pre-cut double mats, with frames for 2 or 3 years, now. Framing prices being what they are, it has been a long term goal to utilize that studio stock. Thus comes the 4.75" by 4.5" size of these works.
Years ago, I did small landscapes exclusively. But as I progressed along with my Colorist American Landscapes, I adopted bigger and bigger sizes. It got to the point that I was doing almost nothing in an inexpensive size. That bothers me, since I want everyone to be able to afford original fine art if they want it.
Also, I think that I am now finding my "voice" in realistic Italian landscapes, in pastel.
My own project shall be themed around this number 100. There will be 100 paintings, then it will end. If you want more, that will have to wait for another theme and project.
In addition, each painting will bid at a starting bid of 100 dollars, and the duration of the eBay auction will be 100 hours.
This gets me off of the daily production schedule, and into a sane 3-4 day cycle instead.
The subject matter will be the Colorist Italian Landscape, based on my travel there, and my true passion for the subject.
In my Colorist American Landscapes, the abstract elements are favored over the actual landscape. In the Italian paintings, I return to my realist roots. This move was forced more by the subjects themselves than any other reason. They do, however, contain heavy colorist influences from my past few years' work in colorism.
What is more, I am offering this "patron's preview" to my growing group of viewers here at The Colorist. I will be selling them to the first come, first served at the flat $100 rate. No bids, just contact me at caseyklahn@msn.com, or post a comment, or call at 509-796-3277. Postage to be figured by Federal express air rates.
Break open a bottle of wine, or vino I should say, and enjoy this offering of very whimsical scenery from the country that looks like a boot.


Robyn Sinclair said...

This is going to be an absolute treat, Casey! Congratulations on the concept and my very best wishes.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Robyn. I just finished 2 more, and am just waiting on the photog. to do her magic.
I am having much fun!

Elizabeth Love (née Acheson) said...

All the best for your project, Casey.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Elizabeth.

Making A Mark said...

Nice idea Casey - I look forward to seeing it progress. Are you going to give the project it's very own blogspot address?

Casey Klahn said...

Actually, I am on the new blog project as we speak.
One must not have too many styles in one place, which is quickly becoming my case!
I worked so hard on having a unified body of work before, so I will be separating the Colorist Italian Landscapes from the American ones.
I am intrigued by Julian's new blog layout, that's for sure!

Adam Cope said...

Dear Casey

Best of luck with your 100/100/100 project. I like what you're doing & enjoy the writing too.
I hear your concerns about keeping a coherent style. Do you think that art-blogging will help here or might have the inverse effect? I mean 'published & be dammed' meet th e dead-line can rip out quality control & slow fermentation.

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