24 April, 2007

FASO Dot Com

Red Corner
Casey Klahn

FASO stands for Fine Art Studio Online. With some details worked out to my satisfaction, I am now prepared to invite one and all to my fine art website. The address is fineartstudioonline.com/CaseyKlahn. I should be able to transfer my domain name of CaseyKlahn.com soon, and that will be the new name.

Of course, as I went to burn a little midnight oil yesterday evening, I couldn't get the next set of art to load due to a "satellite outage". Technology is certainly a two-edged sword, isn't it?

The site looks great, and I am proud to have it "up"! I will call this a soft opening, and when I get all of my current jpegs uploaded, and all the pages filled (I think the resume page needs my updated resume, etc.) we'll have the grand opening.

Meanwhile, don't forget to send me a note at caseyklahn@msn.com, or post a comment here, if you are an artist who wants to trade essays. Info on that project here.


Anonymous said...

What's this exactly for?

Casey Klahn said...

It is kind of funny that I am building a website. I have resisted the internet website "bandwagon" as long as humanly possible, I think.
If Vincent (van Gogh) were around, he would probably not get a website. Monet, a sure thing that he would. Ditto for Degas.
My main inspiration, Wolf Kahn, who will be showing in NYC at the end of this month, only seems to have a website because his gallery has put it up.
Harvey Dinnerstein? Probably still wondering what the fuss is. "Internet? Never heard of it!" That's Harvey,; ever the genius teacher, he sticks with originals.
Me, I have made the artistic choice to stay with originals, too. No prints for me. Up til now, no internet. But, I think that the typical gallery manager probably figures that you aren't serious if you don't have an internet presence.
So, I started out with the blog, since it looked easy enough, and since we went over to a good digital camera that takes jpegs directly and cleared up some of my color/value issues with pictures.
I have a hate/hate relationship with cameras - they really sck when it comes to representing reality, in general, and my colorist pastels in particular.
Amyway, now I have two blogs, and three websites (caseyklahn.com- a failed attempt at outsourcing the project [ I'll be asking for my domain name back on that one], fineartstudioonline.com/CaseyKlahn-a low fee template site for artists that is clean, simple and attractive, and Google page creator, which allows me to have special and extra pages for free [so far].
So, the website is an online portfolio to satisfy the promotion gods. The blogs are for newsletter and process stuff relating to my fine art (The Colorist.blogspot) and for my projects relating to drawing or to realism (100 italian paintings).
My Italian painting one is on hold while my laptop is in Shanghai, China. I am working on substituting a drawing project there which will be 50 drawings for $50.
Ever see "2001-A Space Odyssey" ? It was a movie by Stanley Kubric that came out the year before man landed on the moon. It touched on futurism, and fear of technology. There's a scene where the astronaut, Dave, is becoming aware that the HAL9000 super computer on board his space ship has taken control of the whole she-bang and is doing away with the pesky life-forms. Dave is desperately struggling to survive - to escape the deathtrap of technology.
These lines explain my old guy fear of technology--
"Open the pod bay door, Hal."
"I...can't...do...that.., Dave."
That's when my blood runs cold!

Anonymous said...

I only got a blog because it looked easy and a friend talked me into it. Now I have two blogs. I'm interviewing artist's each month! www.interviewswartists.blogspot.com
I've only done one so far. Gotta start somewhere though.
Anyhoo, I wanted to know because I wrote a short story,actually sounds more like a bio to me.I wanted to know if it was appropriate..but I don't think it would be.
Had never heard of Wolf Kahn, will go to look at his works now.
Take to ya soon Casey!

Casey Klahn said...

Your new blog sounds like a great idea! I'll be looking at it ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Hi Casey

just to say that I particularly like this piece of yours "Red Corner". It pleases me in every way possible!

And your new website looks great too, - I wish you lots of success with that.

In case you haven't seen I have a new website too (well its a couple of months old now). I have it with Artspan.com, although the URL is my own Moments of Abstraction.

Best of luck, I think we old 'uns in particular will need it with the technological boom!

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks on the Red Corner praise, Lesly. I think it was about the best of the vertical-trees-with-red pieces that I have done, and become like an icon for me.
Now I have to look at your site and Angela's new blog. Yikes! My neighborly visiting has become very poor, with the office situation around my place being as it is. My apologies, and thanks for the link, as I always love looking at your new stuff!
Right now, changing over to Thunderbird e-mail seems to be blowing all of my vacuum tubes...

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