19 April, 2007

News From The Studio

Yellow Sky Detail
Casey Klahn

All of my art fair acceptances and rejections are in as of today, and like every year my itinerary gets a little bit better. Also, my acceptance ratio has grown from a a few years ago being @ 60% accepted, to now being 5:2 accept/reject. What is that? About 75% acceptance rate, I guess. Good thing I'm not a CPA.

Five fairs in the summer time isn't a very big schedule, since a number of the artists I know do twenty plus and travel south in the winter months to do the Southern California, New Mexico and Arizona circuit. I try to keep it to high quality fairs and local ones, but I am also limiting myself to the Western region. It's a daddy thing.

Most of my fairs only show original fine art and represent a great opportunity for art patrons to meet artists directly. Also, how many times a year can you visit one man shows at the downtown galleries? At the art fair, you are viewing dozens of one man shows at the same venue.

My 2007 fair schedule is as follows:

  • Spokane, Washington ArtFest, June 1-3 Link
  • Edmonds, Washington Arts Festival (new for me), June 15-17 Link
  • Bellevue, Washington Arts Museum ArtsFair, July 27-29 Link
  • Park City, Utah Kimball Arts Festival, August 4, 5 Link
  • Sun Valley, Idaho SV Center Arts & Crafts Festival (new for me), August 10-12 Link

I will be painting some new works that are inspired by a plein air work that I did of a neighbor's farm. They involve the barn relating to white outbuildings, and explore (so far) red and violet color fields. I also continue to present trees that focus on blue and yellow.

I often show a body of about 40 - 50 + works in the $300 and up ranges.


Anonymous said...

Casey ... that sounds like a great way to get seen and to sell. We don't have many like that here, more is the pity. There are the odd 'craft fairs' locally but quite frankly these are pretty dire. Although I think that North Otago and South Canterbury have the something similar to what you describe, but I haven't investigated these at all.

Hope that you have a great time and make some contacts and sales!

Casey Klahn said...

I know I'm lucky to live here, and have these shows available. I am aware, too, of the twenty-thirty plus years of hardships and pain (and fun) endured by artists in getting these fairs to the quality venues that they are. I never want to found or run one myself, that's for sure!
Now, of course, the art expos have ripped the idea, and you see fairs where the booths feature galleries with one of each artist - perhaps 6-10 of them. Talk about a poor substitute!

Casey Klahn said...

I mean one painting from each artist; no artist present.

jafabrit said...

man, I don't know how you do it. I did it once and that was enough for me (having a bad back doesn't help of course). I admire that you can do so many and wish you the best with them.

Casey Klahn said...

You are kind, Corrine.
I have physical issues with the shows, too. They are demanding!
But, when you get your art up all in one place, it's a powerful statement. Very rewarding.

Mary Richmond said...

congrats on all the acceptances. i don't like doing shows like these myself but respect those of you who do--it's a lot of hard work! Hopefully it will be rewarding in all ways.

Casey Klahn said...

Hi, Mary. Great to hear from you.
Actually, I have been wanting to change over to galleries. I am fresh out, and need to start putting my efforts into sending out packets.

Anonymous said...

Hope that you have alot of sales! Kinda scary when I have a show..but fun to...hard to explain. Having a show is alot of work. I have to say...casey, your outstanding!
This piece is beautiful! I love the colors in it!

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks. I see from the comments that artists universally agree that shows are hard work.
Imagine the feeling with low to no sales! Luckily, I seem to balance that with fair to sometimes great sales - which translates into lots of art patrons getting original collections, and starting a relationship with the artist. A number of my patrons have become friends, which is rewarding in itself.

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