27 June, 2007

Fear My Avatar

There must be a gremlin in my Blogger site. In order to get my inexplicably lost avatar back, I had to post an image to Yahoo, then Flikr, then Photobucket, and nothing would "take".

I suspect blogger, but now I'm afraid to delete the "Avatar" post for fear of offending the Blogger Gremlin.

BTW, Photobucket does have a slick method of copying a URL, HTLM or whatever for each photo. It looks easy to use, except on the Blogger side I can't confirm that!


Casey Klahn said...

This is a test of my Avatar to see if it works.
Sorry to clutter up people's blog feeders with all of this tech. thrashing.

Anonymous said...

It works!

Photobucket is slick, but its website crashes my browser a lot.

Casey Klahn said...

The trouble is, I tried so many things that I can't remember what worked!
I think Yahoo Photos quitting was what dissed my Avatar in the first place.
Now Adobe wants to organize my photos. Great...

Casey Klahn said...

I just killed the Avatar post, and the avatar stayed put.

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