26 June, 2007

Rothko Response Revisit

6.5" x 4"
Original Pastel
10 June 2007
Casey Klahn

Here's a "bump" of this one, taken with the D80 instead of scanned. I have completed a few other Rothko responses which I'll be posting over the next few days.

Still wrestling with the great artist's philosophy (Mark Rothko). Amazon solicited a review today, since I bought it from them. How slow can I be?

Actually, I'm getting up at 4:30 AM these days in order to get some studio time before the "Daddy Day Care" opens at shortly after 7. Maybe the old guy's art philosophy is starting to sink in, after all.

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colorspeaker said...

Greeting from the East coast, Casey. I needed a dose of your wonderful abstracts-and from your "Untitled" from the "Rothko Revisit," to all the "red,blues, etc"- I found, as usual, a wealth of inspiring GEMS of color, abstract, warmth, and emotion...I am going back to soak up some more of your unique use of blended tones and hues... Oh, and your thoughts on that very subject..
Thanks for sharing your talent, Casey.

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