25 June, 2007

Seen in My Comments

Here's a comment that I wrote to Terri at my other blog when she wondered what I was up to these days:

...I wanted to start 50 drawings and now I have an idea to turn this blog ( 100 Paintings) into abstracts, but my regular stuff is so engaged at the art fairs that I think I want to go back to staying focused.
And, my reading of the Abstract Expressionists is proving to me that a unified content in my art expresses a better philosophy of art. Not that I couldn't express my art philosophy some other way. It's just that a unified "look" keeps me focused on growth and getting better. It's coherent, like, ya know?
And, being at the art fairs lets me see my work all at once in one place (instead of packed in boxes at home). It creates quite an impression.
A unified corpus of work makes a powerful statement to collectors and gallerists. Even the casual observer sees it, as well. My art has stood with similar (not the same, but closely styled) palettes and subjects for about two and a half years, now. It makes a big difference.


Robyn Sinclair said...

Being focussed must be a wonderful place, Casey. I'm still dashing around in kaleidoscope mode. My last hope is to live as long as Georgia O'Keeffe in order to achieve FOCUS.

Casey Klahn said...

At least your work will last longer than poor O'Keeffe's art on acidic paper!

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