31 August, 2007

Try Two Point One

The Colorist
New School Color
Casey Klahn

Now compare this one. Thanks, Kristina!


jafabrit said...

I like this better although I somehow like the image below post more. But yes, the small white border works for me. I feel that since the background is rich with colours and abstract that a landscape insert balances it out for me.

Casey Klahn said...

The Blue Wandering image seems anchored better. Maybe because of the uni-color nature, who knows? Also, it is just that tiny bit more abstract than the Yellow Sky image.

I'll be getting some distance on it to decide.

Thanks, again, Jafabrit! Your graphics taste packs weight with me!

jafabrit said...

thanks casey, although I think you will know when it feels right. Everyone's opinion is part experience and a whole lot of personal preference. It sure helps to get feedback though.

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