30 August, 2007

Two Point Oh

Let's try this one, with a Colorist American landscape in there, instead of an abstract. And, with a white frame.

Is the whole graphic presentation more coherent?


Anonymous said...

Is it "new school" or "school use" ? It's a strange ordering. "New School for the Use of Color" ?

Of course I want to see your definition before I buy into the fact that it's new. I tend to be skeptical of such claims. See my blog entry today about the fact that everything has already been done.

Casey Klahn said...

I appreciate the feedback on the tagline: New School Use of Color". I do want it to be a sentence fragment, as a part of a graphic banner like it is.

I thought of New School Approach to Color, but I like the more direct first try. Hmmn. Maybe there is another phrase besides "use of" - I'll keep at it.

Van Gogh was the first colorist, according to some scholars. He wasn't particularly apt at the realist image in the master works, but he popped the intensity of colors. The Fauves were good at assigning non-local colors to landscapes.

But, contemporary artists like Wolf Kahn (not highly acclaimed in critical circles, but his legacy will grow) employ much that modern art asks for. That is, attention to the formal problems of painting.

But, Kahn has brought color farther than Rothko. He employs it without regard to the demands of the landscape, and created color field "realist" works.

My art is following that vein, with new things to say. Many other artists are doing this, too, and there are common threads in their works.

It is also a complete break from the definition of "skillful" use of color in rendering, mainly because rendering is minimized in the new works.

Still think the Fauvists said it all? Name three (without Googling!). There still are color compositions unexplored, and still more formal problems to overcome to present them.

Thanks for the challenge and the opportunity to write more on my definition of "Colorism".

Casey Klahn said...

Sorry about the typos in the last comment.

The jpegs of this "Blog Banner" with tagline look much better if you click on them. They seem a little fuzzy on my server.

Gesa said...

what about just turning the two fragments round? use of colour. new school? i like the idea of collage though wondered if the colour scheme of the small inset works that well with the larger background? the green on the inset keeps starting back at me ;)

Casey Klahn said...

My friend in the Seattle area suggested "New School Color", and I think she has nailed it.

Great to hear from you, Gesa. I don't know about coordinating my colors too much. I sort of like having a range of colors, there. I guess I could go either way. I feel like trying a few other art works in there, and monkeying with the frame of the inset work. Photoshop is a labor for me, and it takes time.

Keep the crits coming, folks. It's very helpful.

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