26 September, 2007

Computers Scare Me

Don't hit this inert button. Hit the one in the right column.

Is it any wonder why computers scare me? I have been laboring under the belief that I had the subscribe button all spiffy and clean, working in my right margin column like everyone else in blogland.

On the contrary. The little bugger was linked to some other random page at Feedburner, or Bloglines. Probably the Shanghai office of lost links, I'm sure.

Anyway, dear readers, if you haven't gone the long way around to subscribe to this, your favorite art process and color crazy blog site, you are welcome to do so the easy way by hitting that little button at the top right (for now) of this page.


Robyn Sinclair said...

Casey - I think I've done it. Subscribed, that is, to Bloglines. It was a bit technical for me. I do have you listed on my Firefox menu - but I guess that is not the same as subscribing. Anyway, am I No.1 subscriber? What's the prize?;)

Casey Klahn said...

I wish I knew, Robyn. I use Bloglines for yours and about a dozen sites, but I subscribe by using their search button.

Your prize is my lifetime friendship.

Making A Mark said...

Casey - add in the e-mail form from Feedburner. You'll find that a lot of people like to have their subscriptions e-mailed.

I have always offered people the choice RSS feed by feedreader or e-mail and have never regretted it.

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