26 September, 2007

New Pastel Blog!

Announcing Pastel at PastelsBlog.Blogspot.com!

Because my tags are top-weighted with the subject of the pastel medium, I felt the need to step this subject out into it's own blog. What's more, there seems to be a demand unmet by the current blog world. I am by no means the leading authority on the medium of pastel, but I am willing to open up a venue like this to cover this popular and growing artist's tool.

Now that The Colorist is close to 1 year old, I want to continue to narrow and define it's direction. This blog is more about process and art than it is about tools and techniques, and so I am splitting out the vast world of Pastels as a stand-alone blog.

So, please continue here for my art process story, the broader world of fine art, and essentially a manifesto* on New School Color. And, for an exciting and growing discussion of all things pastel, please go to Pastel, at http://www.pastelsblog.blogspot.com.

*Manifesto: in art a public declaration or exposition in print of the theories and directions of a movement. The manifestos issued by various individual artists or groups of artists, in the first half of the twentieth century served to reveal their motivations and raisons d‚etre and stimulated support for or reactions against them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Casey...You might want to hit a carriage return on your new site's header so that "Casey Klahn...etc. is on the second line." I think that it would make more sense conceptually, as people look at things so quickly now-a-days on the internet. By the way, when do you have time to creat artwork when you are sharing so much of yourself on-line on your blogs? Blessings...Kristina

Casey Klahn said...

Carriage return strikes me as funny, Kristina. I see the big, black roller-thingy flying across the top of the type writer when I think of that. And, don't remind me of how we used to do that by hand!

As I suspected, when I tried to do that, the template kept the "Casey Klahn..." on the first line anyway. That's the limitation of not knowing HTML. I only started adding my name to the headers after taking an online make-over class a couple of weeks ago. It was something I actually didn't want to do, but the whole science of the internet compels me to do it.

Don't get me started on my lack of studio time! Arggg! My Moleskine, and a forced trip to the studio every now and then is breaking the ice, though. And, my gallery responses are coming in (positively!) so I'll be under deadlines soon enough.

Thanks, Kristina!

Anonymous said...

Great idea, this pastel blog thing. Good luck with it, Casey. As you know pastels are one of my great loves although I have not done any for a few months.

I get quite a lot of hits from people searching the web for 'pastel painting' so there is obviously a lot of interest out there.

I will add a link to your new pastel site on mine. I would be very happy if you would link to mine on it, ... I have a few pastel demonstrations there.

Best wishes

Casey Klahn said...

Will do, Lesly.

Lesly's blogs are well known in blogland, and I count her as a friend, too.

Making A Mark said...

Good luck on the new blog Casey.

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