02 September, 2007

Content Poll

What subjects speak to you here at the Colorist? Which one is your favorite? Based on my past stats, one subject that was superstar great was Vincent van Gogh. The pastel medium gets high marks, but I think it's a narrow segment of this audience. What about my art process (the only area where I can claim any authority)? The truly strange among us read here for jokes about royalty and their pet monkey.

Where do you come down on the content of this blog? Vote the poll to the right top margin, please. Your friendly author will make every effort to consider these. If you have other ideas, post a comment here.

P.S. : My quick thinking readers have pointed out to me that they cannot vote for "subjects" in the plural, as the poll only accepts one answer. I'll have to go back to the code and change the word to "subject" because I need a hierarchy showing the most popular on down. Thanks for voting and sorry for the mistake.


vivien said...

it only allows one choice :( - any and all and lots is my answer to your poll :)

Casey Klahn said...

I wonder if my fancy-shmancey poll code doesn't show right in all internet service providers? Any other people in the UK have a problem, like Vivien?
Thanks for the great support, Vivien!

Anonymous said...

I could only vote for one choice, too. I really wanted to choose pet monkeys, but I restrained myself.

I went to an interesting panel this weekend about pricing your art, and would love to hear about other methods. Especially pricing for different audiences.

Casey Klahn said...

Drum roll for my "DOH!" moment.

I see now that I wrote the plural "subjects" in the poll heading. Of course, they can't run a poll with multiple answers allowed because it would never give a solution. In other words, the one best answer for each voter shows a hierarchy of the subjects.

(red faced here) I will change the title to say the singular "subject". Thanks for voting, BTW.

I would advise against pricing for different venues. Even though there are obvious and great differences from place to place in your audience, the greater need is for them to see you as fair and consistent. The higher price-payers don't want to know that you charge something less at another venue.

Looks like I'll have to put together a post at my Art Fair blog on pricing. Now I have two big requests in, but cleaning up after sick children (thanks, Kindergarten class mates!) takes front priority today.

Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Funny you should ask. This is just the subject of today's Art Marketing Action newsletter: deconstructing a blog to see what makes it tick.

Anonymous said...

PS (sent that last one too soon): I think it's fascinating to find out what is of interest to your readers. You'd think it was the posts with the most comments on them. But then I get verbal feedback from the ones I wonder whether or not anyone is even reading. Go figure.

Casey Klahn said...

I'll be looking there! Thanks for the heads up, Alyson.

I'll point out here, and maybe in a later post, that the hot art business content is at Alyson's (follow the link on her name in her comments) and at Katherine Tyrrell's making a Mark, and at ArtistEmerging, which is Deanna Wood.

Deanna has become the go-to guru for all things art business media, as well as lots of other how to info.

Casey Klahn said...

Whoops, Alyson doesn't back link from her comment name, but we all know Alyson Stanfield at ArtBizCoach.com and ArtBizBlog.com.

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