12 January, 2008

Pencil Me

Pencil Me
Digital Image
Casey Klahn

Somewhere I saw a self portrait "call", and so I thought about this Photoshop. I decided to post it here and think about a direction for a self portrait.

Recently, I began an inventory on how many posts I was doing about myself. That's the big complaint about blog content, you see. My first results for a period of time showed 1/3rd of the posts were either fully or nominally about myself. I was happy with that, since my goal is to keep it broad here. Anyway, excuse the flagrant selfishness of this one, but it is a self portrait you know!


jafabrit said...

you know I hear that too, and yes there a many blogs that are me me me type blogs. Then again there are just as many (such as yours) that talk about something many are interested in, YOUR Art.

Casey Klahn said...

The weird thing is, the self blogs have great readerships. I don't dis them, but with art, ideas need to be present.

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