11 January, 2008

Studio Progress

What's on my desk? Right now a big mess, that's what! My laptop comes and goes from the house, but the peripherals stay- a printer and a scanner. And I am enjoying a decent speaker set, complete with woofer, that Santa gifted for Christmas. It produces sound from the laptop computer, and it "makes" the kids' whole studio experience.

I am happy to be fielding a heavy duty "L"-shaped desk that was surplussed from the Spokane Federal Building. On the floor you see the new vinyl covering, and under it lies the refurbished wood flooring.

While I'm thinking about decorating the new studio, I am getting some art created. My time is not my own, of course, and won't be until both children are in school every week day. But, I am training my daughter ( who is a part-time pre-schooler) to play and nap in the studio while I work.

And slowly, things are getting done. I think I logged three days of multi-hour sessions out here this week. Two pastels are done and in the frame. After the first one was complete, I actually found myself back in the house, doing my Mr. Mom routine, and I had the strangest feeling I'd had in some time. Satisfaction. Contentment.

Next: I'll tour you around my easels and palette and storage equipment. Thanks for the numerous reactions to my decorating call, which can be seen in the comments for the post: Studio Project. I am still seeking help on this front. If you don't respond with some good studio decoration ideas, dear readers, I may end up with this...


Todd Camplin said...

My studios always get messy, so I have to reorganize the room every year.

Casey Klahn said...

Always a help!

Yellow said...

Yeah, I need to get into the garage where I work, but there's no heating so I'm in the kitchen at the moment.
Balancing kids and the need to make art. I'm there with you too.
Working in the kitchen with grey & white tile-effect lino floor I'm very aware of the dusty mess my charcoal and pastels are making. In the garage are offcuts of red carpet. I must vacuum more when I'm working in there as I'm sure the dust isn't good for either me or my creations.

Casey Klahn said...

Yes, the health aspects of running the studio, especially for pastelists, are critical. We have to make sure we keep the floor clean! That's why I like the new roll-out vinyl, although the hard wood in the house was attractive.

Anonymous said...

Looking great!

Decorating suggestion: Buy art from your blog readers. ;D

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