28 January, 2008

Snow Headaches & Then Some

A foot and a half of snow in a day is nothing to sneeze at! On the good side, my wife has been stuck at home to watch the kids and freeing me up to be in the studio.

On the bad side, I am chasing deadlines, and at the same time fighting nausea and pain in the run-up to my operation next month. This morning, I had to leave the studio and precious studio time to take a narcotic pain med and lay down. Then the snow plow came, and my wife went off to work in Spokane. Ug.

I just need one or two more pastel works to have a photo session and try to hit these jury deadlines by the end of the month!

BTW, we also suffered an internet outage for a day and a half. I picture some tech guy sitting in a control room, seeing the Klahn household using too much bandwidth, and lowering the flue on our internet feed. We had no recourse but to pay the extortion money for an upgrade and more bandwidth. I guess I've been in the studio so much running the internet radio that it ate up all our allowable service. Or whatever! Get 'yer hand off that flue, now, buddy. We paid the extra money.


Unknown said...

Sorry your feeling poorly Casey. I eat vicadin or atleast the generic the VA sends me. It`s tough to work when you minds not in it. You`ll get it done. Out here they close roads and schools when we get a few inches in the valley. Once every 3 years or so.
Good luck.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, John. I usually don't cry in my beer like that.

The snow doesn't bother me - what bothers me is I'm not out skiing or ice climbing!

I have the best Uro. on the planet, and everything will go fine. I have more than adequate stress about the upcoming op because my recovery from the last one was poor. I typically enjoy pain, but that was ridiculous!

Back in the studio this AM, with schools closed and wifey on her 1 precious day off.

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