15 January, 2008

Studio Visit with Wolf Kahn

Bell Tower Process Sketch
Casey Klahn

Alyson Stanfield, being a good friend, passed this interview link to me the other day. It comes just in time for some much needed inspiration. And, you'd better believe I hung on every word that Wolf Kahn had to say, and drank up every corner of the great man's studio with my eyes. Thanks, NewArtTV. Let's get that part 2 in the can real soon!

One thing that I gleaned from his studio tour was his willingness to show his older works. He even turns a canvas around to reveal the rejected one on the back! Gutsy.

Alyson's ArtBizBlog.


Quilt knit said...

Let me say I love The bell tower sketch. Too me it is finished. So vibrant. So glad your studio is coming along. If you are the stay at home Mom. You need a day bed to r napping, one with storage.
Deer head has to find a new home. He is taking up space for my 48"x3"x72" canvas I need to be on shortly.
maybe He can find a home at the Cheers Bar Boston.
Now, your pencil holder, I hope it is gone. Reminds me of weapons in rice fields. Seems it got you good. When in high school I used to carry my kniife and blades I used loose my purse . I never got hurt. My Father stuck his hand in my purse. His hand came out Swiss cheese.
now Maggie and Rhonda have had real painful art experiences. I am worried Maggie did not get a tetnaus. Shot.Have a great day. Keep an eye out for those pesky ninja objects.

(((circle of Mom Hugs ))


Casey Klahn said...

First of all, i have been remiss in getting back properly to all my commenters the past few days. Meg, Niki, Lloyd, and anyone else thanks for the free=wheeling comments I have enjoyed.

Casey Klahn said...

Sherrie, thanks on the Bell Tower. It's a much loved image from Tuscany, and I'm thinking of doing another one.

The knife blade story, for my readers who aren't in on the joke, is from a comment I wrote over at Greywaren Art (Maggie's blog).

And, that's "Mister Mom"...and I totally have the day bed in the studio.

jafabrit said...

Casey, what a GREAT link. going to check out the video tomorrow.

Quilt knit said...

Sorry, I forgot the " Mister ". Please forgive me. I am 1 of 6. Our Mother ran away. Father preferred to say He reared His kids. My Father would never have allowed the term " mother" to be a part of his description. He is an " Old War Dog, POW, very tough.
He thought the Mr. Mom movie, was done incorrectly.
((( circle of Mr. Mom Hugs ))) Sherrie

Casey Klahn said...

I laughed and laughed at M. Keaton in Mr. Mom. Now I are one.

Thanks, Corrine.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to Newarttv. I`ve just managed to spend an hour or so watching the various interviews.

Casey Klahn said...

Glad to serve, John.

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