07 February, 2008


Playing by the mail box - 1.5 miles up the road.

The Klahn's Farm in Winter

Will it ever end? Not according to Punxsutawney Phil, who calls for more of the same. But then again, I could've guessed that one for you.

Lorie stayed in town last night, given the predicted blizzard that came overnight. She gets some work days that way, and relief from the constant stress of wondering if she'll get out. I wonder if this is the way the islanders feel when they are stuck?


Unknown said...

I absolutely love your snow. I remember being a kid in that type of snow. How much fun was that. Hope yours are enjoying it. Nice shot of the farm and scenery in the background.

Casey Klahn said...

Actually, today marks two days with the wife in Spokane at a hotel and no road access! She not only can't get down our 1.5 mile road, but the SR 2 to Spokane and much else are out of action. Woo Hoo!

She & I are conjecturing on the thaw when it does come someday. If too quick, we get road soup and still be isolated. Yeow.

Thankfully we have a freezer full of venison and a bucket of rice!

We hold out here at Fort Casey, and I'm beginning to picture sled & skis to get to the road hub! Oh well, better have a 'nother cup of coffee and put a log on the fire.

Unknown said...

Looks like heaven to me! I just love snow. We've had much too mcuh rain here lately - which just makes you wet as far as I'm concerned!

Shop Girl said...

Wow! Casey, that is a LOT of snow. I'm feeling really glad that I'm on the other side of the mountains. I won't complain about our rain ever again.

Okay, that last part is a lie, but you get the idea.

Casey Klahn said...

Har. The thaw is beginning, but slowly. That's an answer to prayer.

I'm still taking a day at a time, though. Another winter storm could come out of nowhere.

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