06 February, 2008

New School Color - Turquoise Forest

Turquoise Forest
14" x 10"
Soft Pastel
Casey Klahn

I am starting to really get into these turquoise images. More to come...

BTW, we are so snowed in it's ridiculous. My poor wife has been stuck a number of times, and had to ski the mile out to her Chevy Blazer this A.M. The neighbor lady was getting her kids home early from school and got into a white-out going through a "cut" of snow we call a tunnel. She put her hand out the window to touch the snow wall and kept on going at ramming speed!


Anonymous said...

Wow, love those deep blues.

And I'm glad I live in the south. Tornados over blizzards for me.

Casey Klahn said...

That'd make a funny poll: [] Twister, [] Blizzard, Vote Now.

Actually, I saw a twister here in the Spokane area a number of years ago. That was a first for me. I grew up on the west side of Washington, where we just had:
Tidal Waves
Volcanic Eruptions.

Robyn Sinclair said...

Wonderful painting, Casey, I clicked on it for the big image and was transported - to somewhere beautiful. I wish I could convince you to go BIG with these paintings - I think they would find an enormous audience.

Casey Klahn said...

I sure appreciate your love of these New School Color images, Robyn. I love them, too.

One problem with going big is, of course, the pastel medium creates the need for glazing. Too big and heavy. I did sell my two large (about 40" x 32", add 3 inches each way for frame) works at fairs this summer and the handling went very well. But, that's about the limit.

I have seen the acrylic (plastic?) glazed large pastels, and that was awful! Dust stuck to the glazing like crazy, and warping, etc.

My college buddy was showing my art to a local art teacher/authority who he knows, and the guy's response was, "Tell him to make them bigger"!

So, I do think about it, you know, Robyn. I am not averse to doing them as oils, like so many of my pastel heroes do. I need a retreat in Vermont, like Tracy!

Unknown said...

ok, after reading more, that snow sounds scary! :-)

Great piece! I hadn't realized we were both in a blue period!

Casey Klahn said...

Yes, I am studying the blues.

BTW, we are stranded like on an island here. I wonder if I can get some Gilligan's Island clips on my YouTube?

Casey Klahn said...

I adjusted the color saturation and lightness of this image and it is here.

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