22 February, 2008

Print Your Own Pollock

Influenced Pollock

Don't try it at home this way, folks. I finally figured out how to save my own action painting and post it, here. But, since I am under narcotic influence after my operation, I have to let this one slip away as "not my masterpiece". Of course, if I were one of The Beatles, there'd be an excuse to use it as is...

I'll tell you how I did this in a minute, but first a little back story. One of my die-hard fans recently e-mailed me saying that something in my blog was causing a page or browser to open involuntarily. In checking my Stats, it seems like the one old page of mine that is getting a large amount of unexplained hits is a Pollock page.

Now, I'll admit, is was a great set of posts and a well written series that I did on Jackson Pollock. It had a nifty collection of links, and of course a jpeg or two of his amazing art. But, since I have ruled out my third party widgets as possibly causing unwanted page loads, I am wondering if the Pollocks are over-loading you, somehow. In further study, I see that the visitor hits are commiserate with the pageloads for those heavy Pollock days, so I still feel a mystery.

Well, one way to go will be to track this happy Pollock post and see how it does. Now, how to make an action painting. Find "How To make Your Own Action Painting" by Milos Manetas. You'll be in over your head before your know it. He doesn't offer an apparent way to save your product, but in my genius I discovered that I could use this funny button on my keyboard called PrtSc, but what then? Then I took meself to me desktop, opened up a new folder and then a new document and pasted that bad boy there.

My document allows an instant upload as a PDF, don't you know? Take the PDF over to your Photoshop and there you'll be able to play some more. I suggest you get the colors your own way, but that's just me. Have fun!

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