26 February, 2008

Which Artist Lives Here? Abstraction vs. Realism vs. Process - A Tag Team Battle - Bump!

Ponte Vecchio - Old City
@7" x 6"
Graphite on 70gr. Sketch Paper
Casey Klahn

"Best Of" post with a little bit of navel gazing.

Quote from my post
I have found that the requirements of good abstract work are more taxing on my brain, and simple compositional mistakes have a greater impact.


Unknown said...

How are you doin` Casey?

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for asking, John.

My original pain - the cause for this op - seems to be gone. But I won't know until the surgery wounds and swellings heal. That could be 3-4 weeks, but progress is good.

This is good news, since my surgeon gave me little sunshine on whether this would do anything for my pain.

I take my narcotic and Ibuprofen, rest most of the day, and each day is a little better than the prior one. One problem is nausea. It's great when your wife is an ARNP!

Yesterday and today I returned to the studio. I can't figure out how to do a relatively simple task like mounting my new desktop easel on the wall! It needs to come on and off the wall, or be attached to a piece of plywood and mounted on a regular large easel. That way, the mast and top holder are not bumping the ceiling.

So, even little tasks are tough. Maybe I'll do some light cleaning and mount some peg board that I have.

Little by little! I am happy that the progress is there, and I have some idea that the results will be good. Meanwhile, I have to meet art demands but can't get 'em done! I'm too loopy to know what's good and what's bad. In fact, my self-crit. "powers" were suppressed a lot by my problems before, too. Somehow, I need to get my expectations in line with abilities for the short term.

Talk to you later.

Unknown said...

Sometimes loopy is good. If you skip the meds, you can`t get anything accomplished anyway. Loopy is better.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're doing OK so far. Hope you get more mentally organized soon.

I love this realistic sketch. Sometimes it's hard (especially for us untrained folks) to recognize high-quality abstract work. Seeing this reminds me what an excellent artist you are.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for that, Meg. I did this Florentine scene partly from memory, and partly by referring to photos (from a private party, by permission).

Lord knows, the bridge has been drawn many times, but I think I made it my own.

I think "getting" abstraction comes from looking a lot at much art.

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