04 February, 2008

Snowed In - Winter Wonderland at the Klahn Studio

The Well-Known Barn

The Cedar Shed

North Yard

House Snowed-In
Photos Lorie Klahn

If I hadn't gone to the grocery store the day before yesterday, I would not have known how really snowed in we are here in Lincoln County. The east-west legs of most roads are so wind-blown with snow drifts that they are just barely plowed. The experience is one of fitting your truck through a tunnel ( or scoop) with head high side walls.

As a matter of fact, as my wife drives away this AM, I wonder if she'll get out, because it doesn't take a lot of drifting to close our road. And four wheel drive doesn't do much against high-center drifting!

My hope is to get some studio time in the pre-dawn hours tomorrow, and then to get my kids off to school. But, the (evil) weatherman is calling for more snow!

On the subject of studio, let me spot light an enjoyable blog by an artist in Iowa, Bruce Morrison, who is remodeling an outbuilding into a great studio space. Enjoy.

Also of great interest is the retreat that artist Tracy Helgeson is making to the famous Vermont Studio Center. I am thinking of how she has determined to open up a new direction with her art, and is doing it the right way by taking a complete retreat from all distractions and giving it the college try. I can't wait to see the results.

I tried to push a change in my own studio work, and fell flat on my face because of distraction. I am also planning to return to the figure, as Tracy is doing. But, I see the challenge ahead for me if I do!


Unknown said...

That`s snow! It`s amazing how a covering of white can turn a lack of color into such an exciting scene. I haven`t been in a diggin snow in atleast 12 years. Your photo`s are as close as I want to get anymore. Nice shots.

Casey Klahn said...

What would I do without my skis?

Steven LaRose said...

Holy moly, you have too many blogs for me to figure out where a simple thank you comment should go. I settled here, and yet, the "first day of kindergarten" post was a beautiful image. . .

I'm in Southern Oregon, Ashland technically, it looks the same here.

I'll be dippin into your archives and lurkin around in the future, thanks for the tap on the shoulder.

Casey Klahn said...

It's great to meet you, Steven. I found out about you through Tracy, but you live in the west, huh? Small world.

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