13 March, 2008

Artist Interview - Julianne Richards

Glad to see Julianne Richards, The Colorspeaker, receiving great press. She deserves it. And, I hold her interview by Kim Rodeffer Funk up as the way it should be done. Now I know more about Richards, and her art.

Thanks for mentioning me there, Julianne. I appreciate it.


Andrea and Kim said...

And thank you Casey for mentioning the interview here! It is an honor, indeed to receive recognition and praise from you.


Casey Klahn said...

The pleasure is mine, Kim.

jafabrit said...

I have to buzz and pack for vegas but wanted to drop in and say hi, hope you are recovering well. Enjoyed the interview and seeing the paintings :)

Casey Klahn said...

Hey, Corrine! Give my regards to Sammy, Deano, TCOTB, Peter, and Joey while you're there!

colorspeaker said...

Hey Casey!
Colorspeaker here..Thanks for the free publicity-and, of course, you are very welcome for the mention/compliment of you and your inspiring creations!
Warm regards!
julianne aka "the colorspeaker"

Casey Klahn said...

You bet, Julianne!

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