26 March, 2008

Picabia @ Pollocksthebollocks

In His Studio

The buzz today is over at Pollocksthebollock's, where you can read a very well written post about artist Francis Picabia (1879 - 1953). The courage of this French artist is evident in that he gave up an established gallery-artist reputation to explore the cutting edge. And then he just kept exploring.

Feeling stale? Think about Picabia.

Enough inspiration there to rev me up for the rest of the month! I think I'll put a picture of the great artist in my studio for a while.

Another blog about the artist.
Official Picabia website.

Self-Portrait, 1923
25 x 21 cm, ink on paper
Francis Picabia


jafabrit said...

I really like his self portrait. I enjoyed reading pollocksthebollocks writing. I am not feeling very motivated at the moment, not sure why, but it is something we all seem to go through huh!

Hope you are healing well and doing fine.

Casey Klahn said...

You've been busy, Corrine. Doesn't hurt to rest a bit.

Thanks for looking in. I have @ seven new images which I'm sizing/checking and will be posting over the next few.

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