25 March, 2008

WK Project "en Plein Air"

Unrecorded But Finished Art

The Wolf Kahn Project continues with my own subjects drawn and painted en plein air. Before, I was copying directly from the master, but now want to build my own library of content. Dovetailing with the WK Project is my Plein Air Project at Pastel, pastelsblog.blogspot.

WK Project Examples

The Wolf Kahn Project has been my attempt to learn, or perhaps re-learn, the free and loose drawing skills that I value. What I mean to say is that I had practiced abstracted figurative drawing for many years, and only put my focus on the landscape in recent years. WK is adept at manipulating nature to fit the needs of the picture plane, and I want to grow in that direction.

While I still want to remain a studio artist, there is the need to get out and see nature. If for no other reason than to add to my catalog of objects for my New School Color works. More buildings, more trees, more landforms are what I need.

Admin Notes:

If you follow my studio progress, you'll note that the wood paneling still adorns my walls, and one wall even has insulation peeking through. With my kids home from school with the sniffles, and my own convalescence from an operation, little remodeling has been accomplished! But, the studio is gradually coming together, which I'm happy about.

The same set of stresses has kept these new artworks from getting official photos taken. That will happen soon, but I add these candids for their newsworthiness.


Adam Cope said...

the other thing I personally note about your studio walls is that they are full of good work.

interesting work.

things take time. all the other things, othjer than making pictures.

casey, may i say something? i didn't know the work of this 'Wolf Kahn' fellow before I can came across your blog , and it did cross my mind for a time that maybe you & he were one & the same, just a psueodyomne apart. maybe WK was wanting to do something different from the 'style straight-jacket' of gallery supply-and-demand?

OK, so you share a name (so maybe in you WK project, set the record straight for the ignorant such as I who stumble across you by good luck?).

just my two euros worth.

i enjoy your work.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for the art kudos, Adam. Much appreciated.

One thing that stood out for me about WK's pastels in NYC was the $2,000 difference in price between his and mine!

That's a good idea to set the record straight between us two German-named guys. I'll allow myself (just once) to be flattered by any similarity. He's an under-appreciated great artist, actually.

All that, and I am waiting for the cease-and-desist order to appear from his lawyer...

Anonymous said...

Very nice, man. Cruising your blog you can see the amount of growth in your work in one short year's time, from your Rothko responses to your current plein air stuff.

I dig.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Chris.

I appreciate your reading, and I favor your art, too!

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