07 April, 2008

Speaking of Oops

A subscriber informs me that her feeds to my blog create an unwanted pop-up that tries to open a dial-up connection. I have taken down all of my Widgets and third party links from my right hand column. Anybody else get unwanted pop-ups from my blog? Pollock linking by accident?

Additionally, I have attempted to kill any feed utilities that are my option to do so. That shouldn't, as far as I know, end your actual subscriptions. Personally, I use Bloglines, and I subscribe to URLs manually. That means I don't click offered subscriptions at blogs. It isn't a security thing, but I just find it the easiest method of using Bloglines.

I did not take down Statcounter or end my Technorati association.

Apparently some problem exists with Google Reader not recognizing this blog. I found that to be true myself.

Update: Google Reader is catching my posts with no problem. I entered the http:// by accident, and it just wants the name without the subscript.

Anyone else have subscription issues here?


sharonb said...

Casey I thought I would let you know I came here via my google reader - so its working but I realise it has not been as I have a month or so of back reading! I guess I had better make a cup of coffee

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Sharon, and nice to meet you.
My Google Reader is working. Somehow, I got a feed input fixed, there.

I am currently testing a blog with the Minima template to compare templates. Maybe I can clean up some third party code changes that have mucked up my blog.

Anyone get unwanted pop-ups?

jafabrit said...

yikes, you would think I would know all this stuff, but it's greek to me.

Casey Klahn said...

Or, Geek, as they say...

Martha Marshall said...

Works great for me, Casey. (I also subscribe manually to favorite blogs, using Blogarithm.)

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for reading, Martha!

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