02 August, 2008

New Washington State Art Blogger

Miki Willa has moved from Hawaii to Washington State, and now qualifies as a Washington State Art Blogger. I am collecting those under a tag of Washington State, and it is no easy task. Yesterday at Pastel I posted about Miki's current great adventures - including a dream vacation that she is live blogging.

Also on the Washington State art front, be sure to hook into the Artist Trust for artist's calls and grant opportunities. Another Washington resource is the Washington State Arts Commission.


Miki Willa said...

Thanks Casey. We are having a great time. Internet connections are few and hard to come by. I posted an update last night from Bismark, ND. I will be getting in touch with you about our return journey.

Casey Klahn said...

Looking forward to seeing you two.

Last year, when I road-tripped the west, I bought a key fob at Wal Mart that senses an internet hot spot.

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