14 January, 2009

More Art Blogging Tips

Ponte Vecchio - Old City
@7" x 6"

Graphite on 70gr. Sketch Paper
Casey Klahn

Being an artist blogger is a many-headed hydra. Just like the traditional art gallery, you want to understate your presentation. Be fully functional as a sales vehicle, and yet keep a lid of decorum on it. The theory is that fine art is an exceptional thing - not base like most commodities or products.

Self-representing, but not grasping

This explains, in part, why art galleries can seem ostentatious and off-putting. (It wouldn't hurt the gallery staff any to greet each patron, BTW - just my 2 cents) Art bloggers, prepossessed with the rank of the fine artist, must not turn around and trash the reputation of the fine arts. Art blogs, like all Web 3.0 entities, suffer from the canard that new media has a lesser status. That is changing, and we art bloggers must be the agents of that change. High quality, but also revelatory. Decorum, without being stodgy. Self-representing, but not grasping.

self-importance and über-angst

Having said all this, here are some tips for being read. Previous posts in this series are here: Art Blogs & Art Blogging. What good is it to write and post, but not be found by your public? Don't do your own patrons a disservice, and stay hidden under a front of self-importance and über-angst.

Think of ways to get links back through your blog. Each page is a unique web entry, and you want readers finding your content throughout your blog. Organize and label your entries, and offer easy access to them. Do place active links within your posts to recent posts in a series. Remember to stay topical with internal links.

You'll notice that I use blogger's picture tool in order to create internal links in my sidebar. How to choose content for internal links? Your art, in it's different genres or mediums, is a good place to start. I offer My Drawings, My Artworks and My Abstracts. When I notice an unusual number of hits coming in for a certain search query, then I offer a tool for my readers to pursue that subject. Leonardo da Vinci, and Jackson Pollock are examples. Don't worry, though. I won't be creating a Teri Horton button soon. Another good internal linking system is the blogger recent comments tool.

I also list external links that are related to any other presence that I may have on the Internet. The Fine Art Department is a collaboration blog where I am featured, and Casey Klahn dot blogspot is my art-for-sale site. An artist profile and community website that I participate in is ArtSlant.

One major outside feed to The Colorist is my second blog, Pastel. It maintains a purpose and a life of it's own as a low key blog focused on the art and medium of pastelists.

meaty art and artist content

My favorite way to drive traffic is with meaty art and artist content. The Artist's Traits series was a recent lengthy thread. Past threads have included famous artists like Mark Rothko, Vincent van Gogh, and Henri Matisse. You need a true and genuine interest in your subjects, and these modernists are my favorites. A contemporary favorite artist is Wolf Kahn, and I once did a series of drawings after his style.


Making A Mark said...

Casey - I'm afraid I can't read the lilac words

Casey Klahn said...

Let's see - the colored words in this post are the large font hook sentences. The others are the linked words, or else the already read links.

Since I have been meaning to change everything to the darker colors, I will try the changes evident. Thanks, Katherine.

If it is the large font sentences, then something has happened to my code - it looks real good to me finally. Dark violet, and all uniform sizes. Does it look garbled on your end? Or, are you suffering with the formerly too-pale tones?

Making A Mark said...

The problem is that the brown merges rather well with the black - which means it's now difficult to see which words are links

Do you check the preview before determining a colour. Bear in mind most people skim read posts and any difficulties with formatting mean you can start seeing a tendency for people give up quickly. Try monitoring your stats for how long people stay on a page.

jafabrit said...

I really enjoyed reading your tips, and very helpful.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Corrine.

I don't like the bright colored links, and the darker (more readable) are limiting. looks like I'll have to go outside of blogger and get some color codes, eh?

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Casey
This is very technical stuff for me., but I am learning from you as much as I possibly can.
Thank you for posting this info.
Kind Regards

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks very much for reading, Trevor. I sympathize with the over-technical. I am poor at technology, myself. I find it a good thing to Google terms, and look for instructionals on how to do things online.

jafabrit said...

I don't have a prob with the link colours being brown. At least in the sense that it didn't stop me from noticing they were link words. But I can see Katherine's point.

Casey Klahn said...

This just pushes me to do some admin spiffing that's been on my mind for much time. I never have liked the word color choices here.

Thanks for reading, Corrine.

Megan Coyle said...

I was searching for art blogging tips and I thought this post was pretty helpful. Thanks!

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for commenting, Megan.

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