13 April, 2009

Accepting Bids - Limited Opportunity

Storm Over the River
5"" x 7"
Casey Klahn
Bidding begins at $100 - unframed

This is an unusual opportunity for you to grab one of my small originals. I almost never restrict my image sizes to standard frame openings, but this one turned out to be 5" x 7". As a result, I have decided to place it up for bid as an unframed, brand new artwork fresh off of the easel. Woo hoo!

Accepting emails or comments as bids, starting at $100, plus postage and tax.


jennifer woodburn said...

Love the soft glow of this one. Nicely done!

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Jennifer!

Jala Pfaff said...

I can't really afford anything right now, but hopefully sometime in the future... You know how I love your work. The yellows here are really nice.

Casey Klahn said...

This is where I would suggest a trade - I love your work, too! My problem is, I just got accepted to a show and will need everything I can create.

Such are our lives. Something will work out.

Bob Lafond said...

Casey, I am curious about your comment that you seldom make pictures that conform to standard framing sizes. I tend to do just that to keep my framing costs down. I can appreciate the luxury of doing what you do, but do you cut your own mats, or have some other magic when it comes to framing?


Casey Klahn said...

I have to have the freedom to compose my picture around its idea, and seldom find the camera's ratio to fit my needs.

We do mat and frame my work ourselves (my wife is the better framer between the two of us). I have the chop saw, but gave up building the frames, as my wholesaler does the joinery for @ $3 per frame.

I did have a goal this year to save by standard framing, but now that I am in a show, I want to stay with custom. I do have a lot of surplus frames, though, so I want to fill those as a way to save.

Jala Pfaff said...

Casey, I'd love to do a trade sometime in the future. Keep me in mind. :)

colorspeaker said...

Very Nice, Casey.
I like the idea you mention: "this year-landscapes."
With the changing seasons full of rich and fading colors, I look forward to seeing them: "CK style."

Casey Klahn said...

The Colorspeaker returns!

I am overjoyed that you're well after your health problems. And I hope we see your abstracts back, soon, too.

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