10 April, 2009

Good Friday - Behold The Man

Ecce Homo, @ 1609
128 x 103 cm

Jesus. Not only crucified, but humiliated for our sakes.


Art and the Bible


Bob Lafond said...

The Pilate figure seems like a huckster, but the fellow removing the seamless garment seems to be undergoing an awakening.

Casey Klahn said...

Interesting reactions, Bob!

I looked at the links I provided, and they include the thought that the Pilate figure may've been a Caravaggio self-portrait. He certainly has a contemporary outfit on, which requires us to think through some filters.

Another comment has the soldier (also garbed in a funny way) reviling Christ, and I noticed that he is speaking. Seems plausible to me that he is mocking the Lord - although I wonder what soldier likes to flap his yap in front of the Roman procurator?

Thanks for reading and commenting. The Caravaggio link, and the Bible art link, are new finds for me.

jean neely said...

Thank you Casey.

Are you familiar with Francis Schaeffer's Art and The Bible. A good little book. I especially benefitted from the section on what makes good art.

Happy Easter to you and your family.

Casey Klahn said...

I took a whole matriculated class on Schaeffer, in college, way back in the 70s.

I think I remember his art commentary to be more content oriented, and less art oriented.

I guess I mean it struck me more as a commentary on art and western civ., but I'm sure I need to revisit the whole thing. I read "How shall we then live," and some other one. Also, a film series by him kind of similar to sister Wendy, but heavier on the philosophy.

I'll have to look up the Art and the Bible one - thanks for that lead, Jean. Happy Easter.

Adam Cope said...

Torture & summary excutions everywhere in the world.

Our own private little crucifixtions, our own little pain-in-life.

Litlle thought: why are there many more powerful images of the crucifixtion than the resurrection?

Happy Esater to your & yours Casey. It's a lovely day to have young children, n'est pas?

Casey Klahn said...

The resurrection - more important theologically, but I would think it more difficult pictorially.

I am drawn to the deposition paintings, where Christ is being removed from the cross. That genre is plentiful.

Happy Easter!

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