23 April, 2009

Must Read Blogs

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Blogs That Are Red Hot

When The Colorist grows up, it wants to be just like Sippican Cottage.

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Favorite posts there:

How To Live Like a Human Being
My Father Asks for Nothing

Art blogs rely on images for their content, but when truly good writing comes along, it stands out. Reading effortless, great prose makes me want to do my best writing for my posts, too. What are your favorite well-written blogs?


Trevor Lingard said...

Fascinating Casey.
I like the vid.
It must be the sun...I want one!!

r garriott said...

Thank you for the links to Sippican Cottage. Yes, some great writing there.

The blog writing that I enjoy the most keeps it brief, humorous, topical to everyday artist issues, and invites discussion.

Casey Klahn said...

Me too on the sunshine thing, Trevor. Snowed the past two days!

Now I have to Netfix the Bridge in the River Kwai !

Hey, R. Garriott! Glad to meet you and your Photoshop tips look like a handy thing for me. Interesting list, I think I'll have to chew on what kind of blog writing works for me. Thanks for that thought.

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