30 June, 2009

Plein Air Links

Photo: Lorie Klahn
This box of pastels I made from a cigar box which is deep enough for two layer of sticks. The top tray is a hand made Fome Core tray. The levels are further sub-divided with Fome Core, and the top tray is lifted out with a ribbon.
I organize this box by six values, and choose mostly subdued hues. Casey Klahn.

The plein air links I posted the other day were very well received, and I promised a continuation of these links. As I take up a project of painting outdoors every day for a month, follow my journey. I won't post everything, but my foibles and fun will be shared liberally.

On my mind as I take up my month long project are the following links:

Painting Wales Diary - Rob Ijbema
Plein Air Artists. Ning
My French Easel - Benoit Philippe

Telluride via Deborah Paris
Michael Chelsey Johnson
Pastel Pointers with Richard McKinley

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