24 September, 2009

Coffee Update

You are owed an update of my studio activities. First, pour yourself a cup of coffee.

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The studio sits all a mess after my return from Sausalito, California. Since my two children are, for the first time, full time in grade school, I have time on my hands. What am I doing with that time? Catching up on the home with cleaning, reorganizing and general Daddy duty. The impact of a large art fair is not limited to the 3 days of the event!

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Another cup? You drink fast, huh? I promised you a post about how to paint for a first prize, and it is in the hopper. Soon, dear reader. Let's just say the basics are focus, content and heavy doses of self critique.

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Meanwhile, I have posted an interview with Stephanie Smith, of the U.K., whose new floral pastel works are very great and worth your look. See this interview at my other blog, Pastel.

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New interest in me teaching some pastel classes is causing me to push that forward. I hope to teach one locally, soon. Then, I'll organize for a class that I can take on the road. Do you have an art society or pastel society and want to know my methods for making intuitive pastel landscapes? Contact me and we can talk.

Thanks to my readers for the wonderful comments on this post.


Bob Lafond said...

Casey, I wanted to let you know that I have wonderful neighbors who follow my blog site, and they have found your site through mine. They were telling me the other day how they really like your work. Just passing it along.


Casey Klahn said...

I appreciate that, Bob.

At the same time, I have been enjoying your recent farmscapes, especially the shapes and the use of reds.

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