22 February, 2010

Sunshine Award

The Sunshine Award has cast light into my studio and my blog. Mary Anne Cary sent the award, and I want to thank her again.

Alyson Stanfield, my favorite Art Biz Coach, posted about the Geography of being a local artist, and at the same time I had the urge to illuminate my local blog dogs in a new post. I have decided to give the Sunshine away to the bloggers from Washington State. Some I know in real life, and others just online. I am supposed to recognize twelve, but I couldn't stop there.

If you want to participate, see the outline at Mary Anne's blog.

  1. Sheila M. Evans
  2. David Patterson
  3. Angela Wales Rockett
  4. Katherine van Schoonhoven
  5. Rachel Maxi
  6. Jennifer Phillips
  7. Miki Willa
  8. John W. Stinson
  9. Garth Perfidian
  10. Gabriel Campanario (Seattle Sketcher)
  11. Donna Watson
  12. Susan Ogilvie
  13. Jennifer Evenhus
  14. Kathleen Cavender
  15. Lisa McShane
  16. Barbara Benedetti Newton
  17. Jason Waskey
More here.

Sorry if I forgot someone. Feel free to send me a comment and I will try to make amends as I do like to link to Washington artists.


Unknown said...

Congratulations, Casey. It's wonderful that you've highlighted other Washington artists, as well. Your blog has a wonderfully unique quality of combined sincerity, humor, and intelligence. I always enjoy reading your posts and glean "gems" from them.

loriann signori said...

Thank you Casey for introducing me to all those wonderful Washington State artists. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting each and everyone. I always look forward to reading your blog...no wonder you are a sunshine award recipient.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks Loriann and Kathy for being detailed and kind readers. I value your blogs, too. Kathy writes essays and lessons, and reviews books that have art content. She is a master artist and watercolorist. Loriann is a daily pastel and oil painter whose plein air dedication is unsurpassed. Her (award winning) landscapes have colorist and abstract flavor and are not to be missed.

I added Jason Waskey this AM.

Lisa McShane said...

Congratulations Casey and thank you for sharing this with me and other Washington artists. I'm honored! And now 12 bloggers...this should be fun.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Thank you, Casey! I've been off line for the last several days as we've traveled the backroads of Utah and Nevada.

I look forward to watching the direction of The Colorist in the days ahead. Your posts are a delight.

Thank you for spreading the sunshine.

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