17 March, 2010

Irish Warpipes & Amazing Grace

Irish Warpipes
16th c. Irish Missal,  Bodleian Library Holdings


Lisa McShane said...

And a happy St Patrick's day to you too Casey! I'm Irish by marriage only but embrace it. Even climbed to the peak of Croagh Patrick w/ the family a few years ago!

Casey Klahn said...

Croagh Patrick! No snakes, I'll wager?

HSP Day, Lisa! I am only Irish by dint of my nickname, "Casey." Otherwise none at all. Except today, everyone's a little Irish, I guess.

Stan Kurth said...

Wow, 16th century! Me thinks the kelly is a wee bit turquoise and the lad lookin' a bit lassie. That calligraphy is most assuredly "Old English" and that has to be one cool book!

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

No Irish pipes but one of the most beautiful events I have witnessed was when the Kamloops pipe band gathered in a circle and played amazing grace down by the Thompson River. I especially like it when they have a rising and falling drum crescendo. Unfortunately, the song is played all to often for our fallen Kandahar soldiers.

Casey Klahn said...

Paula, great to have your comments here. Stan, I've never seen the Book of Kells in person.

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