19 March, 2010

Tree School - Tree Admiration

After Wolf Kahn, #1
9.5" x 6"
Pastel on Paper
Casey Klahn

First posted January 21, 2009. This post is updated to offer new links to artist's whose trees I think you should see, and the other set of links can be viewed at the original post, here.

Take a different approach to trees...

Learn from other artists whose renderings of trees you love. Mark me down as a Wolf Kahn follower. His forests of trees are gesture rich, and pure blocks of color are woven into the whole. I did the drawing posted here directly from a WK as a study to try to "get" more of what his methods are.

The Art of the Landscape community is a good place to start your overview of artists who paint nature.  Don't miss Martin Stankewitz, who has a blurb book on this subject.  His style is finely composed.
You might know Bill Cone for his exquisite views of California and the rocks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Recently, he has favored us with tree compositions that are just what you should be looking at to understand the abstract elements of tree groupings.  A real delight.

All of the artists I've mentioned here take a very different approach to trees, and your tree style will become a signature of your own work.

See also:

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Unknown said...

Great links Casey. I'm a Wolf Kahn lover too for his use of colour and simplified forms.

I have a long standing attraction to trees and I've painted them using many different media . It's always great to have some new artists to explore. Several months ago I started a post about artists who represent trees in unusual styles. Perhaps it's time to finish it.

Randall David Tipton said...

Thanks for the mention Casey! As you know, living in the Northwest, we`re surrounded by trees and have every opportunity to study them. It`s the bare winter trees that are a challenge for me. How to suggest so much detail in a fresh way?

Casey Klahn said...

I hope you do finish it, and I look forward to reading that post, Margaret.

Hi, Randall. I've never written to you, and this is my chance to say how great your paintings are. They are inspiring.

A couple of years ago, I did a lot of trees with no branches or foliage on them. It was a fun series, and keyed mostly on verticals and color.

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