31 May, 2010

Memorial Day

This Memorial Day has been better represented in the news than some others.  Of course, you need to look for it.  Yesterday, our Fair Access Policy (Internet Kibbles) ran low, and so my web surf was slow to nothing.  I thought my days of party lines were over, but everything seems to come back around if you give it time.

Here are the good posts and videos I gathered from my searches.  I also took the time to read some more of a book I have about the World War II Memorial in D.C.  Classic art and architecture.  Bas-reliefs and statuary. I like the architect's words: "...there was a generation of Americans...that we must forever remember." Friedrich St. Florian.

Bas-Relief, US WW2 Memorial. Battle of the Bulge.

Sippican Cottage: Traditional Now; Do Flowers Grow On Pork Chop Hill?

Echo Taps.

Here is a video that I think is better for actual veterans.  Some things only initiates and those who pay close attention can understand and appreciate.  Respectful, grand and moving.

Parades and services are one thing.  I think that hearing a veteran tell stories is irreplaceable if you really want to pay respects.  This one is a helicopter pilot relating his Vietnam war experiences on Memorial Day. Emotional.

Memorial Day has morphed somewhat from a remembrance of our war dead to include all of our departed loved ones.  Here posted are some interesting vids about passed master artists, Henri Matisse and Andrew Wyeth.

Matisse Chapel at Vence: H/T Laura K. Aiken.


SamArtDog said...

I've never seen the chapel by Matisse. Simply amazing.

A really nice post, Casey.

-Don said...

These are all wonderful tributes, Casey. Thank you for sharing.


Stan Kurth said...

Beautiful post Casey. I thought the last works Matisse did were the paper cut-outs. What a perfect way for him to punctuate a lifetime of work.

As artists living in America, we should all be appreciative today remembering those who gave their lives. Many artists around the world are censored. For sure, my paintings would have been banned in Nazi Germany as well as a number of countries in the world today.

Casey Klahn said...

Well said, Stan. Fascism took a directive approach *ahem* to art. Ditto Communism, as well.

Thanks for reading, Sam, Don and everyone.

Steve Moen said...

Enjoyed that video as I'm a fan of Matisse. Often view his cutout works at the East Wing of the National Gallery. Here is a nice short video of that space. http://www.weta.org/video/individual/Matisse+Cutouts

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you, Steve! Always happy to see Matisse vids. I read his biography this year - very illuminating.

Jala Pfaff said...

Why is the Matisse vid stopping every few seconds? Something wrong with my computer?

Casey Klahn said...

The vid works for me - I looked at the first minute.

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